Mission Statement

The mission of IIAI is to foster efficient and cooperative inter-disciplinary and cross-college research and discovery in artificial intelligence, and to improve training and education within the broader community at the University of Iowa.


IIAI = AI @ IA: Five Ways Artificial Intelligence Powers Discovery at Iowa

From forecasting floods to fighting cancer, Iowa researchers are deploying AI to tackle some of society's biggest issues


By Josh O'Leary

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Calls for Pilot AI Research Proposals


Argon GPU Resources

On August 23, 2018 new compute nodes supporting consumer GPUs were added to the Argon cluster system. These systems contain up to four NVidia 1080 Ti or Titan V GPU's per node.



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AI/GPU Development Lab

With tremendous support from Engineering Computing Services (ECS), a new facility for AI method development and preparation for "production-level" use on ARGON GPU cluster queues has been built and is being configured in 4622 SC.



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  • A User Manual outlining the computational environment in the IIAI Development Labs can be found here*
  • The IIAI Wiki can be found here*
  • * authentication required